Emma Zhang


Pottery Workshops

RuI Ceramics run a variety of workshops from small groups of 2-4, families and friends, to larger groups 10-20, clubs, hen parties, organisations and corporate team building. Most of the workshops are hand building with limited small groups of throwing classes subject to availability. The 2 hour workshops involves building your own creation then painting it with under glaze. After the class, the pots will be allowed to dry completely, bisque fired, then a clear glaze applied and a final glaze firing. All of the after class work will be done for you at Rui Ceramics and the cost is included as part of the workshop fee. All workshops are subject to availability and must be booked and paid for at least 3 days before the class date to be confirmed.


About Emma

Hi I'm Emma and I'm addicted to clay.

Emma Zhang is a young potter based in Warkworth who grew up in Shenzhen, China.
Since discovering clay as a medium through which she can express her creativity she has quickly become part of the local craft scene, and is grateful for the help she has received to further her interest.
Emma’s trade name ‘ Rui Ceramics’ reflects her regard for this tradition. Rui is her Chinese name meaning ‘first snow of the spring’.
She is also inspired by the beauty of the NewZealand landscape, particularly the beaches in Kawau Bay close to her home. Mixing her own glazes, she is mindful of the earthy tones of sand and soil and the blue-green of the sea in all it’s moods.
Recognition of the quality of her work came in 2018 when she was awarded a merit award at the ‘Dream on’ Rodney Art Competition. A number of galleries throughout New Zealand currently exhibit Emma’s work.
Emma is also enthusiastic about passing on the skills she has learned to the next generation. “As a mother I see myself as a role model for my children. Putting their hands in the clay and getting creative is a great experience. Through art we deliver a message paying homage to the past. Pottery is the way I express myself, it has changed my life.