Hand Building Workshops 2 hrs – $85 per person

In this workshop students can build whatever they wish, within the time constraints of the class. Hand building is a very flexible medium with endless possibilities for creativity. This makes it particularly good for team building, whether it’s between friends, family or work colleagues. When you are finished you, are left with a something very unique and personal that nobody else can possible have. Hand building classes don’t suite very young children, from 8 years on children seem to get the most from it. After the class, the pots will be allowed to dry completely, bisque fired, then a clear glaze applied and a final glaze firing. All of the after class work will be done for you at Rui Ceramics and the cost is included as part of the workshop fee. All workshops are subject to availability and must be booked and paid for at least 3 days before the class date to be confirmed.